Vancouver Canucks interview ‘guitar enthusiast’ Braden Holtby about his love of music

Some people like to pass time by watching Netflix or playing video games, but not Braden Holtby. He likes to tap into his musical side and play guitar to cure his boredom.

“I have too many,” Holtby said to the Canucks laughing. “My wife complains about it all the time.”


Holtby uses a KLOS guitar because it folds up and is made of carbon fiber which makes it easy to take on the road. In the video, he described why he prefers to bring his guitar on long road trips.

“I got back into playing more about six years ago,” Holtby said. “Having kids at home you don’t have time to play that much so all of my free time is really on the road. I bring it here instead of watching tv all day and staring at my phone I can pick up the guitar and actually try and learn something. It’s a good way to unwind and it’s also a good way to kill some time on the road.”

Holtby also brought his travel guitar to the Toronto bubble during the 2020 playoffs. Before every game day, Hotbly said he tries to play because it helps him get back to the same mindset to prepare to play the games.

Holtby picked up the hobby in junior hockey and because of his busy practice schedule, he taught himself how to play.

“I started learning I think my last year of junior hockey,” Holtby said. “I tried to figure it out and then I just put it aside because I figured I couldn’t do it. A couple of years past and every time I go home my buddies would play around the campfire.

“My agent actually bought me my first travel guitar,” Holtby added. “I started to actually get a little bit better at it and learned how to play for real instead of two songs.”

Holtby enjoys the musical outlet as more than just a hobby but a way to relax.

“Music can control your emotions in a lot of ways,” Holtby said. “If you’re having a bad day sometimes you just have to play as hard as you can to get it all out or if you just need to relax a little bit. It just brings you back to square one. I find that’s a useful tool.”

Screenshot courtesy of the Vancouver Canucks