Trump’s Last Appearance as President Ended with ‘YMCA’ as Walk-Off Music and Social Media Has Some Thoughts

In his own perverse way, perhaps Donald Trump thinks all this is kind of funny, how he fulfilled his mission. He dismantled a country that had been running fairly well …under President Obama. “Job well done,” he might think, as he congratulates himself. All semblance of “Obama’s America” is vaporized, Trump’s carnage lays from sea to shining sea.

Or who knows. Really.

How does one figure out a man who leaves the mightiest office on Earth, the most serious of positions, to “YMCA” blaring over the speakers?

Assuming any musician would allow it (and most would not), Trump had a variety of choices given he must have walkoff music: Our choice might’ve been Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall.” Trump got elected promising a wall. He didn’t get a wall but he did pretend, brick by pretend brick, day after day. Plus, he did get Mexico to pay for every brick that’s not there.  The song has a bunch of kids saying they don’t need no education. That’s Donnie, through and through, the kid refusing to grow up as an educated adult.

But maybe YMCA is perfect because it’s perfectly, painfully, perversely, idiotic and nonsensical. The song makes no sense in any context other than gay hook-ups, and drunk weddings, which is fine as far as it goes but – we can all agree – it is not presidential. But neither was Donald Trump, and he makes no sense in any context other than telling lies under a giant “TRUMP.” He never made sense as president. He actually tried to get rid of the elected presidency and install the Dear Leader. So why on Earth would he leave with a song that made any sense?

Plus, it’s just dumb. Like him. It is actually perfect, even though it’s certainly by accident.

Trump leaving to YMCA is the funniest thing of all time.

— edgarwright (@edgarwright) January 20, 2021

Maybe not the funniest. But it does make one giggle a bit. Even as he leaves, he had no idea how much he looked like a jackass. It’s a wonder that there’s no toilet paper on his shoe.

We were not alone in our impressions:

“Have a good life, we’ll see you soon,” Trump just said at the end of his rant. He’s now leaving to the song “YMCA.” Good f*cking riddance. See you in court.

— Scott Dworkin (@funder) January 20, 2021

i lost it when newsmax started doing serious textual analysis of what YMCA must mean to trump

— John Whitehouse (@existentialfish) January 20, 2021

Trump stole it, didn’t ask for permission:

I asked the Village People about Trump using “YMCA” as his exit song:

“We asked him to cease and desist… Since he’s a bully, our request was ignored. Thankfully he’s now out of office, so it would seem his abusive use of our music has finally ended.”

— Jenna Amatulli (@ohheyjenna) January 20, 2021

“We will be back in some form,” Trump says. “So have a good life. We will see you soon.” He departs the stage — as he always does — to YMCA.

— Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) January 20, 2021

So Trump’s farewell song is apparently “YMCA”.

Sorry Village People. You deserved better.

— Veterans For Responsible Leadership (@VetsForRL) January 20, 2021

Trump departs to YMCA, a classic gay anthem, hours after making these terrible last minute anti-gay policy changes.

— Ryan Brown 🎮 (@Toadsanime) January 20, 2021

Trump walks off to YMCA after his final speech as president. Not Hail to the Chief. YMCA. So on brand.

— James Hohmann (@jameshohmann) January 20, 2021

Yes, the brand being “Nothing I do makes any sense, I am too big a jackass to know or care.”

Jesus, this guy.

Goodbye, Don. Get down to Florida and lawyer up because the YMCA might look like a palace compared to where you’ll go. Perfect.


Peace, y’all
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