Teacher Leads His Students Through School Halls in Rocking 'Uptown Funk' Dance

Teacher Leads His Students Through School Halls in Rocking ‘Uptown Funk’ Dance

Do you remember being in high school? Most of us do. After all, our formative years are the ones that stay with us forever in our memory. But what about your high school teachers? Most of us had at least one teacher who we thought was a totally cool person. I had a few. Now that I’m grown and have some of them as my Facebook friends, I know how cool they really are, too. Most teachers don’t necessarily leave a “cool” vibe with their students, even when they’re a beloved teacher.

When you think of fun and vibrant teachers, you probably don’t think of them dancing to contemporary hit pop songs. However, a teacher at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas, Texas, recently set a new standard for cool teachers everywhere. Scot Pankey is the theater teacher at the school and last year on Christmas break, he had a brilliant brainstorm of an idea. The school he teachers at is known for teaching kids computer and tech skills. Nevertheless, he wanted to give them the chance to show off their other talents, too. So what did he do? He got together with his students and devised a phenomenal plan.

A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School “Uptown Funk” Dance

Pankey put together a music video that features his students and himself dancing to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’s hit song “Uptown Funk.” At the beginning of the video, Pankey is sitting at his desk looking bored. But when the music starts, he starts dancing in his chair, and before long, he can’t stop himself. He gets up from the chair and starts dancing around the room. And the dude is smooth, let me tell you.

He heads into the hallway, where he is slowly joined by one kid after another as they begin to execute some totally slick dance moves together. Hopping from one group of students to the next, the teacher delivers.

In an interview, he explained that the hardest part about making this video was a student having to pull the camera ahead of all of the dancers on a library cart. Their efforts totally paid off and the video has gone viral. Check it out below.

Wow! These kids and their cool teacher have all the moves.

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