Royce da 5′9″ “I Don’t Age” Music Video | HYPEBEAST

Royce da 5′9″ has dropped a brand-new music video for his single “I Don’t Age.” The track is a cut from his Grammy-nominated album The Allegory and is a good display of the rapper’s lyrical skills.

Running at a little under three minutes, the music video follows Nickle as he moves through homes in a suburban neighborhood. As Royce is seen carrying around a black duffle bag, he raps, “product of the dope game, Mama wanted no pain, Papa wanted cocaine / Papa smokin’ pot over the pot, over the stove flame.” After unpacking his duffle, Royce sits down in front of his laptop to craft a beat, reflecting his dedication to his rap career.

Scroll above to watch the Royce da 5′9″’s music video for his single “I Don’t Age.”