Queensland partygoers accused of mocking Aboriginal dance at Mossman party | Video

Indigenous influencer Sari-Ella Thaiday shared the clips, which appeared to have come from Snapchat, to her thousands of followers on TikTok with the caption “share around, they’re at it again”.

The clips have a headline that reads “Mossman locals mocking Aboriginal culture” and her post included the hashtag “racism”.

Ms Thaiday was flooded with comments condemning the group for their behaviour at the party in the far north Queensland town.

She later commented that she had since found out the dancing took place at a wedding.

“RIP to the ‘happy’ couple, they cursed now,” she wrote.

She also labelled the behaviour “Coloniser energy”.

One man appeared to be pretending to rub fire sticks together.Source:TikTok

Others did other culturally insensitive moves for the crowd.Source:TikTok

Influencer Abbie Chatfield reposted the video and labelled the clips “repulsive”, urged any of her followers who knew the people to “have a chat to them”.

She then shared a message from someone who said the people in the video were receiving threats.

“Silly choices which they are paying for,” the person wrote.

“I don’t think sharing on your widely followed platform is helping. Perpetuating hate surely isn’t the goal.”

Abbie Chatfield shared the clips on Instagram.Source:Instagram

She then did a series of stories saying the behaviour should be called out.Source:Instagram

Ms Chatfield said people should be held accountable and others needed to know they should call these people out for their actions.

She said what the group were doing were “fertilising the soil of racism in Australia”.

“We have a huge issue with race in this country and the fact these people can’t see their little jokes around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture … sh*t like this only perpuates it, only allows it and opens the door for more insidious sh*t,” she said.

“When you allow this and don’t speak out on this it perpetuates the entire notion Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are not worth respecting, which they f***ing are.

“I’m sick of this bullsh*t of gaslighting minorites, this idea people should be protected after they were racist.”

Ms Chatfield said the behaviour wasn’t funny, was racist and disgusting and people shouldn’t be protected because they were white and they “made a mistake”.

Ms Thaiday has made a name for herself on TikTok for her make up tutorials, which have a strong message about First Nations culture and history.

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