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Pyramind Music Producer Online – Pyramind

Pyramind’s Ableton Live Program provides the necessary training for students with little to no experience in computer-based production and recording to enter the later music production focused courses well prepared. In addition to gaining familiarity with Live’s primary applications, the lessons are arranged to emphasize the adoption of a solid workflow.  This course is designed for complete beginners all the way to intermediate users of the software.

During this three month program we focus on the details of the devices contained within Ableton Live Suite. Students will receive comprehensive training on Live’s various modes, components, parameters, and capabilities, as well as how this can be used in conjunction with other professional audio applications and other third-party tools.

There are as many ways to produce music as there are people doing it, but some methods yield more consistently good results than others. This class shows you best practices in music production along with focusing on building a foundation in music theory. Students will craft ideas from day one towards a completed track in the style of their choosing.

Throughout, students will learn the fundamentals of playing and writing compelling music of any genre. These skills are then applied to practical projects culminating in finished tracks to share with the world. The best producers in the world understand how to play and write music and this class will help you take your sound to the next level.

The new era of sound design is here and more accessible than ever. Synthesizers have changed the face of modern music dramatically. Nowadays it is crucial to create a unique sound that separates you from the pack. This course is designed to deliver a comprehensive understanding of sound design and synthesis using Native Instruments products.

Over 12 weeks you’ll learn the various types of synthesis and how you can apply each to your music. Whether you are creating pop music, hip hop, techno, house, bass music, or any other style, these techniques are vital for crafting your own signature sound. Concepts are reinforced through group presentations and practical projects culminating in a final project which is a fully produced track with all original sounds.

The mixing and mastering processes are an essential part of the production process. The mixing process itself can be just as creative as writing the track. This class synthesizes ALL of the subjects learned to date – from music theory to songwriting, production tools, and the overall sonic features of the track – as the students realize what a piece of music actually goes through to be finished!

You will learn how to utilize fundamental mixing concepts as well as creative techniques to bring their music to life and prepare their tracks for release. If your goal is to start releasing professional-grade music, then this class is an essential piece of the puzzle.