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Kuzey debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb Ada EP. Born in Switzerland, growing up in Turkey and settling back in Switzerland, music has always been a big part of Kuzey’s life. He played around with various instruments as a child, piquing his interest in the electronic sound. In 2000, this interest starting to gather momentum, he began to DJ and ultimately secured many gigs across Europe, playing alongside some of the world’s most famous jocks. In 2008 he got into producing, but had to take a break from 2012 due to health reasons. After a short hiatus and back in full health, Kuzey is ready to go. He’s released a raft of tracks on several labels and he still has so much more to come. Great to have him on board.

The Original Mix of Ada is a sexy, dancefloor friendly mover. Nice, chunky beats and rhythmic percussions lead as a deep, probing bassline warms the groove. Infectious, effervescent chords dominate the sound, providing that rich deep house flavour. A simple yet highly effective slice that will not disappoint.

Frederick Alonso steps up for remix duties on Ada. No stranger to Piston – we’ve also seen him on our sister label, Cylinder, Frederick has delivered some fine cuts for us in the past. Frederick remains the quiescent gentleman behind the scenes. Meeting him without knowing his remarkable stages would rather draw a wrong picture of a guy who rarely points out what he’s achieved so far. His Booze album reached the second place in the International Techno chart for two full weeks in the USA. Besides being ART manager on his company Webismore and running his own imprints on Stab Recordings he has a broad ranged output taking course parallel to his full-time multitasking business. Here, Frederick dishes out a quality effort, adding a clubby vibe to the sound. Vibrant, rhythmic percussions stack up, driven by a solid kick drum as swirling pads and FX enrich the groove. Those distinct chords carry over from the original beautifully making this a sure-fire hit on the floor.

Buca rounds up the release, enticing us into its warm groove with lush bass tones. The bass is backed up with sublime chords and delicate, analogue plucks which add to the rhythmic structure. The drums speak to the hips, solid kicks with flurries of percussions, force you to sway, and before you know it, you’re locked in on the dancefloor. A superb slice and a must have.