Pianist Plays Classical Music For Senior Rescue Elephant

We often forget that animals can have certain interests just like us. That is why they are known to enjoy listening to music.

Music is a universal language that is understood by more than just us humans – it’s also enjoyed by all kinds of animals.

In Thailand, there is an artist and musician who enjoys performing for a four-legged audience. Paul Barton is known for playing piano for a variety of rescued animals such as elephants or even wild macaque monkeys. He will often serenade them with the tunes of Beethoven, Schumann, and Grieg.

Photo: Facebook / Paul Barton

But perhaps his biggest fan is a rescue elephant named Mongkol. The older bull elephant had previously lived under the captivity of a logging company who exploited his large build for carrying heavy loads of trees.

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Photo: Facebook / Paul Barton

Despite how hard his life was before, he did get a second chance when he was rescued. And now, the gentle giant gets to enjoy the musical stylings of Barton.

Photo: Facebook / Paul Barton

Barton shared that Mongkol loves to stop by his piano when he’s playing. He’ll just stand there and listen to the classical music, completely enamored with the tunes he plays. We can’t help but smile watching how much this elephant enjoys Barton’s playing.

Watch the video below:

Elephants are wonderful, aren’t they? Let us know what you think about Mongkol and Barton.

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