NXT's Scarlett and Shotzi Blackheart Star in New Music Video with Harley Cameron

NXT’s Scarlett and Shotzi Blackheart Star in New Music Video with Harley Cameron

NXT recently delivered a phenomenal TakeOver with Stand and Deliver, which crowned several new Champions and gave fans a few match of the year contenders. That wasn’t enough though for NXT stars Shotzi Blackheart and Scarlett, who it turns out were busy working on recording a new song and music video with musician Harley Cameron. Now they’ve released the full music video for the track Indestructible, and it’s as epic as you would expect. Blackheart shared the news and how thrilled they were to finally share it with the world, and you can check out the full video above.

“Tonight we are releasing something we put a lot of heart into,” Blackheart wrote. “This project and these 2 women remind me that I’m INDESTRUCTIBLE even when I feel weak.” Indestructible is directed by Leeza Ashley features production by Cvrrent, Golden Child, and Tril Kennedy, and features photography by Illite Fotos, but that’s far from all, and you can find the full credits for the project below.

Directed by: Leeza Ashley
Production By: Cvrrent, Golden Child, Tril Kennedy
Shot and Chopped By: The Angle Queen
Stunts By: Zech Smith, Joe Ruby, Zach Green, and AG
Hair and Makeup By: Valentina Costa
Photography By: Illite Fotos, Olajuwon Fox, Tre Illi, Jeffrey Tamayo, and Katzu Andre.
A Haus of Angle Production

Now, there’s no word on whether this is just a one-time thing or if there will be more songs and videos to follow down the road, but if they do decide to pursue more music, there’s no doubt they’ll crush it just like they’ve crushed their runs in NXT.

It’s here! Click the link below and check out @itsdanni_ellexo ft. @ShotziWWE & @Lady_Scarlett13 #Indestructiblehttps://t.co/4zZEWe79zt

Special Thank you to Harley, Shotzi, & Scarlett for allowing us to be apart of this phenomenal project.

Blackheart and Tag Team partner Ember Moon retained their NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships at TakeOver: Stand and Deliver, and part of the reason Blackheart has been so successful with Moon is that their enthusiasm and friendship feels so genuine and natural.

“That’s exactly it. We are being genuinely ourselves, and that’s what’s so great. Because I think as soon as I got signed, a lot of people wanted to be like, oh yeah, they’re going to change you. You’re going to have to get rid of everything. You’re not going to be yourself. And I got to NXT, and I got to be me. Turned up even more, and they take all my dumb, weird ideas and they make them even better,” Blackheart said. “It’s just been so much fun.”

Scarlett had a great TakeOver as well, as Karrion Kross dethroned Finn Balor and took back his NXT Championship, and as she told ComicBook.com in our interview on ComicBook Nation, she is gunning for that NXT Women’s Championship and everything else the brand has to offer next.

You can check out the full video above, and let us know what you think in the comments or by finding me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!