Music is Win’s Tyler Larson bought that $500,000 Klon | Guitar World

Back in January, JHS Pedals’ Josh Scott set the internet ablaze as he listed the first-ever Klon Centaur for sale on Reverb for an astonishing $500,000.

Given Scott’s sense of humor, many of us suspected he wasn’t being entirely serious. And accordingly, the enterprising guitarist who “purchased” the pedal, Music Is Win’s Tyler Larson, has taken the whole sale in good humor.

After Guitar World’s original article on the listing drove him to the point of F.E.K.A.S. (First Ever Klon Acquisition Syndrome), Larson sacrificed all his possessions – and his marriage – just to obtain the first example of Bill Finnegan’s mythical overdrive pedal.

Yet buyer’s remorse leads Larson to contact Scott, who declines the offer to buy the sought-after stompbox back, given his new status as a professional party-goer, Wall Street impresario and all-round Lothario thanks to his unexpected windfall.

All it takes to reverse the deal is a demo of the legendary drive, with Larson’s emotive blues licks and immaculate alternate picking soon reaching the Klonfather’s ear and forcing him to broker an arrangement for its safe return: a cool $1,000,000 and 50 JHS Cheese Ball pedals.

If the video’s concluding message – to be continued… – is anything to go by, we haven’t seen the last of this particular Centaur. We eagerly await Klonfathers II and III