Miranda Lambert And Elle King Tease New Duet “Drunk” – Music Mayhem Magazine

Miranda Lambert and Elle King are teasing a new duet!

The superstars shared teasers on social media on Monday (Feb. 22), both using the hashtag #Drunk, causing speculation that their teasing a collaborative track with that title.

Lambert share a photo of her and King dressed in fancy gowns with the caption “Elle King Drunk,” alongside an emoji of a pair of eyes looking to the left.

King also shared a photo, her is reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper and the early ’90s with ’90s hairstyles and wearing suits, alongside a caption that reads, “The whiskey goes down better when they don’t know who you are… #DRUNK”

Fans are speculating that the caption on King’s post are lyrics to the forthcoming new duet.

Excitement is swirling for the new collaboration on Twitter, one fan saying “NO F**KING WAY!!!!! Y’all just made my bad day better.” While others are complimenting their looks in the images and calling them “Queens.”