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Australian music industry legend Michael Gudinski has died at the age of 68.  

Gudinski, who was widely regarded as the ‘father of the Australian music industry’, is believed to have died of a heart attack in Melbourne overnight.  

He leaves behind wife Sue, children Matt and Kate and two grandchildren. 

The businessman and music promotor was known for forming the Australian record company Mushroom Records at just 20 years old, and going on to sign successful local artists such as Kylie Minogue and Eskimo Joe.

Australian music industry legend Michael Gudinski (middle, with Kylie and Danni Minogue in 2009) has died at the age of 68

He is pictured here with Molly Meldrum in September 2012 

In 1979, he established concert promoter Frontier Touring and stayed at its helm until his death.   

His family confirmed the sad news of his passing on Tuesday morning. 

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford discussed the circumstances surrounding Gudinski’s death on Seven’s The Morning Show, explaining that he’d initially heard the music legend had suffered a nasty fall. 

Michael was pictured just last Thursday, attending a Midnight Oils gig and acting like his ‘typical boisterous, funny self’

Gudinski is survived by wife Sue (pictured right) and children Matt and Kate and two grandchildren

‘About an hour ago I got a call saying that he had a bad fall at home, but then I wasn’t told that he had actually passed,’ Peter revealed. 

‘They wanted to wait until everything was crossed and ticked before they put out the official statement. It’s now confirmed to me by the family that Michael has passed,’ he added.  

Mushroom Group said in an official statement on Tuesday morning: ‘It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Michael Gudinski AM overnight.’ 

‘The much-loved Australian music legend died peacefully in his sleep at his home in Melbourne, Australia.’ 

Michael was pictured just last Thursday, attending  a Midnight Oils gig and acting like his ‘typical boisterous, funny self.’

ABC News Breakfast star Michael Rowland tweeted: ‘I am devastated by Michael Gudinski’s sudden death. He was a true champion of Australian music and the ABC. 

‘This was backstage after the Oils gig in Sydney on Thursday night. Michael was his typical boisterous, funny self. He was always so full of life. Rest In Peace, friend.’

Gudinski is pictured with Ed Sheeran at Optus Stadium during a media call for the launch of a record-breaking Australian and New Zealand Tour on March 1, 2018 in Perth

Gudinski signed on New Zealand band Split Enz in the Seventies, and after several years with his record label they scored huge success in 1980 with the release of their album True Colours

The tragic news comes just weeks before Gudinski was slated to announce a major government project to support Victoria’s music industry. 

Gudinski was last seen in public when he introduced Kylie Minogue at the Sounds Better Together concert in Mallacoota on January 30. 

He also attended the Australian Open in February.  

During the pandemic lockdown last year, Gudinski recruited the likes of Jimmy Barnes and Crowded house to perform in the Music From the Home Front TV concert, organising the event in just nine days. 

Gudinski, far left, is pictured with Kylie , Molly and Tina Arena at the VIP Launch of the Australian Music Vault at the Arts Centre Melbourne on December 18, 2017 

Michael Gudinski dies: Australian music promoter passes away aged 68

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