Matrixxman’s “Dust World”: Straight-Up Techno at Its Most Complete

Matrixxman, aka Charlie Duff, has released his latest project, “Dust World,” and it’s not quite an album, but it’s definitely not a collection of singles either. The 17-track offering is a straight-up techno release that captures Duff’s contrarian streak. He’s moved away from the Detroit-referencing sound of his debut, “Homesick,” and into a more techno-focused space. The result is a dense, metallic, and austere exploration of the genre that doesn’t rely on lightning-fast BPMs to pack a gut-punch.

“Dust World” keeps the tempo below 140 BPM, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in intensity. Duff offers up psychedelic meditations and proper bangers, all with his signature touch. Tracks like “Neural Lace” and “Saboteur” lead the charge with two of the record’s best arpeggios. Meanwhile, “The Curious One” and “The Beacon Recovery” provide burbling, creeping intensity that could fit in on the next Swamp Thing soundtrack.

When things get harder, “Riken Device” stands out with its dense thickets of delay around the snares. “The Heist” is another standout, sounding like Donato Dozzy on a British Murder Boys record. But there’s enough variation on “Dust World” to keep even the casual fan immersed. Campy strings and muffled lead lines keep things interesting and offer moments of contrast throughout.

The question remains: what is “Dust World” if not an album? According to Duff, it’s not made with that particular purpose in mind. But, with a few sequencing tweaks, it could hit all the usual techno cliches. Still, the tracks are consistently strong, and Duff’s exploration of the genre is at its most complete on this release. He can call his work whatever he wants when it’s this good.

In the end, “Dust World” is a testament to Matrixxman’s skill as a producer and his dedication to the genre. It’s a straight-up techno release that doesn’t compromise on intensity, and it’s worth a listen for any fan of the genre.


  1. Neural Lace
  2. Saboteur
  3. Don’t Look Down
  4. Caught Lacking
  5. Dust World
  6. Plan B
  7. Airlock
  8. Beacon Recovery
  9. 1312
  10. The VR Parlour
  11. Riken Device
  12. Butterfly Knife
  13. Stranded
  14. Do You Copy
  15. The Heist
  16. The Curious One
  17. Mother’s Return

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