How Carly Pearce Turned Death and Divorce Into Her Most Powerful Music – E! Online

As for her divorce from Michael, Carly couldn’t help but address the defining moment in her life story. But instead of creating a bunch of songs strictly focused on heartbreak, the country singer set out to also offer sounds about hope and healing.

“I went into this project accepting that this had happened to me, but I chose to look at it as a time for refinement instead of defining me,” she recalled. “I think that you will hear in my music that if you are going through anything—yes, mine was a divorce—but you’ll be able to find some light at the end of the tunnel with this music. Because I went through this, I’m better for it.”

Throughout the ups and downs of life, Carly has been fortunate enough to receive support from her girlfriends in and out of Nashville. In fact, Karen Fairchild, Lindsay Ell and Kelsea Ballerini persuaded her to be open and honest in this latest body of work.

“I feel like those three really pushed me to take this as an opportunity to be a voice in things that people may not want to talk about,” Carly explained. “When you’re 29 and divorced, that certainly doesn’t sound pretty. They really helped me to realize this was so much bigger in a good way than I could realize in the midst of it.”

Through every personal lyric and song comes a lesson listeners may be able to hear. For Carly, she hopes her fans continue to see the positive in what life has to offer.

“We all struggle. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we thought it would,” Carly reflected. “But we all have hardships but it’s what we do with those hardships. When you listen to this music, I hope it brings you hope that there is beauty in the hurt and beauty in the struggle. Dig deep and find it.”