Eminem’s New Music Video Hints At Another Version of “MTBMB” Album?

Eminem’s new video starts speculation of another project.

Eminem has been in the trends for the past week, first being a target of the ‘Cancel Culture‘ due to his offensive lyrics, and then a response from the Detroit Rapper through his new video. The Gen Z on Tik Tok tried to cancel Eminem for his lyrics, especially on ‘Love The Way You Lie‘ which allegedly promotes violence. Then Eminem released the Animated Lyric Video for his song called “Tone Deaf” which is one of the fan-favorite of his latest “Music To Be Murdered By” deluxe version project.

Now fans have noticed something in the visual, which hints at another version of Eminem’s latest album ‘MTBMB’. In a part of the video, Eminem was shown sitting in a room full of his album and all the accolades he has achieved in his career. It also features the ‘Music To Be Murdered By‘ album and the Side B of it, and beside them, there’s another version of the album, which is now rumored to be Side C of the project. Check it out below.

#Eminem fans are the most proficient in finding hints and clues, and @Eminem is not above leaving a breadcrumb trail for them to follow. They Found Hint To “Music Ti Be Murdered By: Side C” In #ToneDeaf Lyric Video 🧐 #M3BMB #MTBMBSideC 🤭😯😲 pic.twitter.com/cerwXi5rE2