Eminem – “Music To Be Murdered By” Is No.1 Debut in Egypt in Spotify History | Eminem.Pro – the biggest and most trusted source of Eminem

The streaming data from Egypt became available, and it shows that Eminem’s album gained the strongest numbers on its first week among all releases.

The data goes as far back as 2018, so it is not as much to draw upon; however, Eminem faces very strong opponents even in this short time. And still, with the release of “Music To Be Murdered By” he managed to leave behind Korean idols, a beloved R’n’B act and the very own Egyptian superstar.

Here are top 5 Spotify weekly album debuts in Egypt as reported by @ChartMasters.org:

1. Eminem “Music To Be Murdered By” 296,918
2. BTS “BE” 253,978
3. Amr Diab “Sahran” 244,687
4. The Weeknd 244,223
5. BTS “MOTS: 7” 223,465

🇪🇬 Egypt Top 5:

1 @Eminem MTBMB 296,918
2 @BTS_twt BE 253,978
3 @amrdiab Sahran 244,687
4 @theweeknd 244,223
5 @BTS_twt MOTS: 7 223,465