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My artist name is Dave Wincent. I was born in Miskolc, Hungary. I have been dealing with music since the age of 12. First I started to learn solfege and to play the drums and then to play the saxophone. I began taking all this seriously and making it as a dj when I was about 14. So I spent all my money on these things. I played at small parties and on the local radios. How to make music started to interest me at the age of 16. It became more and more important for me. First I made music on the computer but later I bought analog and digital synthetizers and gradually more and more expensive and better things . In those days I used vinyls when I played music on shows, later I used CD-s. I was trying hard to form my own style. About a year ago I started to use the digital system because I felt I could be a lot more creative in this way and I think it was a good decision. In recent years I have had more and more shows in Miskolc and in the capital, Budapest,too. It was in 2009 that my first EP was released and since that time my tracks have been released by better and better labels. It would be important for me to have a manager and make shows in different parts of the world because I would like my music to reach an audience as wide as possible. I have tried a lot of styles but with time I realized that it is techno, minimal, tech-house and house that are the closest to me.