DAVE DAVIES: STRANGERS THE FILM | Audiophile News & Music Review

It`s been a long road, but we`re in the latter stages of post-production, been busy editing from hundreds of hours of footage shot over the last tours. We  had a low budget of $9,000 for the project, so have done all the filming and editing , archive research myself..

Over half of the budget has been spent on archive, mostly  digitizing to High Definition old archive  8mm footage Dave filmed in the 1960s  and 1970 – and it looks great! Much of the rest on equipment, software.

As well as filming dozens of shows/soundchecks/life on the road ,  i was tour managing – not always easy trying to film while dealing with promoters and overzealous fans 🙂   
The film was originally going to be called Rock N Roll Journey, but Strangers seems more appropriate.    The song has a …

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