Country Music Association Releases Statement On Morgan Wallen

The Country Music Association is the latest organization in the country music world reevaluate their relationship with Morgan Wallen.

They recently released a statement promising to remove all of his digital content from their platforms, and to examine additional measures as well. Whether that means revoked membership or not, is yet to be determined.

Morgan is also the reigning CMA New Artist of the Year.

“In light of Morgan Wallen’s recent use of a racial slur, CMA is removing his digital content from our platforms. We support our Country Music Partners for taking swift action.

We will confer further with our Board of Directors to review additional measures and will continue to examine our industry’s inclusivity efforts.

At this point, Morgan has been suspended indefinitely by his record label, been removed by nearly all of the major radio stations including iHeart, Cumulus, and Entercom, as well as CMT and Spotify/Apple-curated playlists. With COVID going on, he’s not really expected to be on a stage any time soon, but you can imagine that’s definitely not going to happen either.

At the end of the day, the backlash has been severe and deservedly so. There is just no place for that word in the day to day lives of regular folks like you and me, let alone someone who is tasked with (and rewarded handsomely for) representing country music as one of the genre’s biggest stars.

Morgan has issued an apology on the matter, but it’s possible we’ll see a more substantial statement in the near future.

— CMA Country Music (@CountryMusic) February 3, 2021

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