Bell: Premier Kenney, it’s time to face the music | Calgary Sun

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The premier would then say he would come out and tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth, offer up a heartfelt act of contrition and answer any and all questions.

We’d take it from there.

Instead, Kenney observes Albertans wanted “real consequences” for the vacationers.

Whether Kenney believes they deserved real consequences is not explained. Remember he wasn’t talking Monday.

But the premier says he figured out we wanted consequences and so, presumably in an effort to calm the growing fury, to get us off his back, he throws us two stiffs and the rapped knuckles of some nobodies.

The sin? They all demonstrated “extremely poor judgment.”

They demonstrated far more than that, premier. Far worse than that. We wouldn’t be this pissed off it was a mistake, a misstep.

Their attitude stinks. They insulted us. They put themselves above us. They acted as the sort of politicians voters kick to the curb when they get the chance.

They caused this scribbler to experience nauseating flashbacks to the old PC Toryland dynasty leaving me to concede this behaviour hit harder and deeper than any stupid flights of former premier Alison Redford.

It provided more sad proof Kenney’s United Conservatives casting themselves as the party of the people is currently a cruel joke.

Would a party of the people act this way while those very people suffer?

In short, Kenney still doesn’t appear to get it.

He throws us some bones hoping we stop barking.

Does he realize he must come out and face the music? No one can answer.

All I want is the clown show to come to some conclusion.

By the way, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Huckabay got the heave-ho because Kenney certainly knew of Huckabay’s getaway.

How much is the severance cheque, the bye-bye bucks? Dunno.

So you ask, did Premier Kenney do enough? Short answer. No. Not yet.