Beef in the Ghana music industry is good; it only becomes bad when fans take it personal – Musician Q

Ghanaian musician known as ‘Q’ is supporting beef in the Ghanaian music industry saying it is to some extent very good.

Ghanaian Hip hop musician Q, says beef to some extent is healthy for the music business in the country.

He explained in an interview with Celebrities Buzz TV that it only becomes a bad tool if fans of the musicians involved begin taking it very personal.

Answering a question on his take on beefs, the multi-talented artiste noted:

“I think anything that propagates the music culture is good..beef, like competition is good, so beef to some extent is. good.

But then when it gets physical or violent and people start to take it personal then it becomes bad. But, beef on the surface for the purpose of causing confusion is not good”

Do you agree with him?

Meanwhile, musician Q has released his first dope single in the Ghanaian music industry dubbed ‘Joog Twice’ featuring FRD.

Listen To It Below:

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