Academy Music Business says Davido has way better music than Wizkid

Academy Music Business says Davido has way better music than Wizkid

Academy Music Business has praised Davido’s song way ahead of Wizkid’s in a tweet made.

According Academy Music Business located within the United States of America, Davido has got way better songs than Wizkid.

They gave such a tweet without explaining the criteria used in making such a conclusion.

Their tweet read: ‘davido has way better music than wizkid.’

See the screenshot below:

Considering the rivalry between Davido and Wizkid, a few Nigerians and music lovers commented on the post as seen below:

I prefer Davido’s music to that of Wizkid because his lyrics are deep and insightful. But this is because I naturally love insightful lyrics. There are many who just want to vibe. It is all about preference. Both are legends representing Nigeria. It is all love.

— ERIC THE GREAT (@EricEsoimeme) March 21, 2021

The funny thing is, you hardly see anyone coming out to compare Wizkid and Davido simply cuz Davido isn’t the target but they always compare Davido with Wizkid cuz they made Wizkid Davido’s target. Someone they would want him to be like.

— onemind (@1Mind_Youtuber) March 21, 2021

It’s only natural it happens that way …wizkid has always been ahead of him ,wizkid is d youngest artist to start doing music if there’s another kid in the block that’s also making waves ,if there’s ever going to be comparison it’s going to be new act compared old act

— Uhtred Of Twittar (@Uhtred007) March 21, 2021

Top three artiste in nigeria currently
In my books wizkid is not a musician but an up and coming artiste since drake left him to suffer just an honest wizMID fan

Naming Wizkid’s songs of all time that are hits till now
Lagos vibes
Lagos to kampala
Come closer
Daddy yo
Electric vibes
Cover me
Ease your mind
Brown skin girl
Many more abeg

— Am not ñormal (@Ceezar_Nice_) March 21, 2021

FC’s u don’t need to answer this page they’re looking for attention FC’s try dey look away, when u don’t give them attention them will rest, wizkid everywhere davido was inspired by that wizkid u called, very stupid people continue they will report your account soon

— Ru$$ Pop🌟🤑🇦🇺🇳🇬 (@russthepop) March 21, 2021

That’s the truth… I watched the Artistry battle yesterday on Hiptv btw WizKid and davido then I said to myself Davido’s songs are good

— Amicable (@Amicable4life1) March 21, 2021

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