3 young artiste who helped changed the music industry • Ghplaylist.com

3 young artiste who helped changed the music industry • Ghplaylist.com

Normally when the industry is at the edge of turning around, you expect music stars or what one will call mainstream artiste to take lead and make that happen but as far as these three young artistes are concern, that didn’t happen.

They are young in age, but very sophisticated in music and showed they can become the new leaders in the music industry. Their actions and participation in the industry have changed a large number of personalities who at a time lose hope in the industry. Now they are all in satisfaction and working extremely hard, knowing anyone can make it thru the hard bizarre journey of the music industry.

In this article, I will explain why these three artistes, namely Kwin Bina who’s 11-years-old, Bra Alex 16 and Jay Van Gork 20 years.

Kwin Bina

Now at age 11, she rose to fame at age 9 when she released an album of 29 songs, Journey of 29 Miles which earned her the youngest musician of her age to release an album with that number of songs in the world.

The many talked stories about the album isn’t just about the number of songs on it, she also featured many music stars like Fameye, who’s the current new artiste of the year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Amerado very known rapper, Flowking Stone Ghanaian music legend, Koo Ntakra, Jay Kenn and many others who in all made the album one of the best ever released in Ghana.

The launching of her album which was done thru a music concert with over 20 different artistes sealed the successes of the project. Speaking about the album she said, “it was a project to introduce herself to the world“.

In 2021, two years after the first album, she has released a second album, with 15 songs on it this time. Her father who appears to be the head of her team said in a radio interview “The first album had too many songs on it which made the promotional hard since is her first appearance into the industry, this one however is more strategic“.

The new album titled “Make or Break” was released earlier this April is now available on all major music streaming platforms including Ghplaylist.com, stream here.

The new album said is a strategic by her father features 9 artistes in total, names like Cabum, Ko-Jo Cue, Datz, Hidro Vibes, Bra Alex, Imrana, Tina Awiah and others had their names printed on the cover of the rather “Storytelling album” term by Bina herself. One video from the album is currently out, track name Shatta Wale, as the team prepares to work on more video, a statement told to Ghplaylist.com by her father.

The history Bina has made over the space of two years are numerous, and one can only see just a little girl doing what makes her happy with her friends and family but others will also see a drive of celebrity who came into the industry and indirectly tell everyone they can achieve their goals in life no matter how hard it is.

Born Alexander Nana Yaw Luntra, known by many as Bra Alex broke thru the industry back in early 2019 after a short skit rap video he made went viral in the whole country. Everyone started talking about a very young rapper’s video which artistically exhibited professionalism and inspiration.

Since then, He was quickly moved to Accra after the demand for interviews and music deals became increase by the day. The viral video titled, Confession. Now he has projects with Fameye, Tulenkey and dozens of unreleased projects.

His recent rap beef with long term young distinguished rapper, Awal only pushed him up as many said he attained victory over Awal despite his rap styled seemed exactly like Sarkodie. He’s currently signed and managed by Sankofa Music Label.

Songs like Confession, No Sika Duro, The History of Shatta Wale and others make him one of the most prized young musicians in the country and for that, many younger talents believe their dream can come thru because of his emergence in the industry.

Jay Van Gork

Jay Van Gork came into the entertainment spotlight in early 2020, after his popular song also went viral in Ashanti Region, Clubs and social media were among his sources of trends. A song he titles Obuasifuo Y3 Guy which is a Hip-Pop/Drill genre type music which talks about the lifestyle of a youth native in Obuasi, Golden City.

Many people in Obuasi accepted the song, proceeded to promote it and sell the name of Obuasi to the world in the period when Kumasi Asakaa boys were trending worldwide with their songs.

Many people in Obuasi saw his song as a shield to cover Obuasi at a time when others from around the country talk about having the best young musicians. He said in a radio interview with DJ OseboHe didn’t actually think of himself when composing the song, and whatever he said in it is a real depiction of what’s happening on daily basics in the city“.

He showed new artistes from the city it’s not impossible to make it thru with no resources or history. His one song really drove a lot of musicians and made them learn how much they should be proud of their city and perhaps acknowledged it in their song.

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